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Primal 7 sells a fitness band that allows anyone to safely increase strength and mobility through movement. Their former website didn’t properly explain their vision or product. This lost them sales and caused long phone calls to tell potential customers about the functionality and benefits.

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Primal 7 came to Masonry with copy, photos, and an old site in need of a little TLC. Their main concern for the new site was that they did not want to be like other fitness equipment companies. Instead, they wanted to present a bright tone to highlight their company culture. Primal 7 needed a simplified shopping experience to get their products to their customers as quickly and easily as possible.

Drawing inspiration from sites like Blossom, Nest, and Bonobos, we created a light, friendly tone for their brand. Each page was custom-designed with an emphasis on telling Primal 7’s story and guiding the user to actionable next steps. We also helped reorganize and redesign their Shopify store to create a seamless experience for customers.

After their site's launch, Primal 7 experienced a huge increase in site conversions. This freed their team's time to pursue new partnerships, fitness programs, and marketing opportunities. They also saw their online sales skyrocket by 63 percent, month-over-month.

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