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A Fresh Look for a New Movie Production Agency

High Frequency Entertainment launched in 2014 by Jack Selby and Duncan Montgomery.

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For their launch, High Frequency partnered with Endgame Entertainment and Double Feature Films to produce Freeheld, a film starring Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, Steve Carell, and Michael Shannon.


For anyone looking to start their own business, the hardest part is getting it off the ground. High Frequency needed an engaging website, a strong brand identity, Powerpoint templates, Word templates and an animated logo for the silver screen.

Masonry developed a new logo and a custom, responsive website. The website was built on Craft CMS to highlight their style, films, and project quality. We also created an animated logo for the big screen and templates for better brand identity preceding their upcoming release of Freeheld.

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Upon site go live, High Frequency saw a massive boost in unique site visits by 13.4 percent, as well as a 7.73 percent bump in conversions. Subsequently, High Frequency was better able to manage and present deals to investors, boosting their bottom line all within their first year in business.

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