The Miró Quartet, an Austin-based quartet, is top of the international chamber music scene. With a brand new album on the way, Miró Quartet sought to revamp the look-and-feel of their website.

The new responsive website was built on Craft CMS, an easy-to-use content management system. The highlight of the project was a seamless music streaming experience for the band's music. While mp3 streaming is ubiquitous, creating a persistent stream while navigating to different pages on the site is a fresh approach to online streaming. We pulled this off by using a web technology called AJAX.

Miró Quartet saw 439 downloads of Transcendence from their site interface alone. There were also 313 new views of the performance on their site, as well as 1,260 visits to the "Transcendence" landing page. The Quartet also had 595 submissions for their "Play it Forward" program, which donated five recordings with free access to a music educator or school music program of their choice.

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