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Design & Ad Management for One Texas Law Firm

Cain and Skarnulis is a small, dynamic, law firm that represents a variety of clients by providing both the high-end legal service of a large firm with the flexibility and personalized service of a smaller boutique. We created a custom responsive website and managed a photography shoot to give them a complete look.

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Cain & Skarnulis PLLC was founded in 2007 as a commercial litigation firm handling complex business disputes. They help guide business clients through the labyrinth of high-stakes litigation with an emphasis on efficiency, strategic thinking, and problem-solving.

They came to us needing a responsive website with a more modern design. Built on ExpressionEngine, we designed and developed a responsive, custom website with all new branding.

We also managed a branded Google AdWords campaign that generated an average of 84 clicks-per-day, as well as a branded Austin Business Journal print and digital campaign that garnered nearly 100,000 impressions per month.

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