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Freshly-Distilled, American Made Coffee & Spirits

Big picture thinkers with a clear brand in mind, one Texas duo set out to cultivate a distillery that would distribute farm fresh coffee & spirits. The tone of the brand included national parks, campfires, moonlight, Teddy Roosevelt and steel-eyed historical greatness. We helped them make it happen.

The Process

Brand Development

Wonderfully cohesive & uniquely collaborative. That's what our branding process has been praised for, which includes logo & collateral design, as well as copy.

Brand Dev
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The great outdoors. Open starry skies. Wood etchings. All of these concepts served as inspiration to kick off the Bull Moose brand on a wild note. We crafted our own typeface using custom lettering for the primary Bull Moose logo. To keep the brand consistent across the board, we chose a couple of simple, clean fonts to compliment the primary.

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Weathered &

Cozy campgrounds. Historical heroes. Storytelling at dusk. With our badge set, we wanted to hark back to a simpler time where the best way to spend a starry evening was surrounded by your friends at a campsite, crackling fire nearby.

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gritted teeth.

For the packaging, we used muted Winter tones of charcoal, brick and teal, built into an illustrated, high-contrast labeling system. We needed to ensure that the Bull Moose brand was unmistakable and immediately identifiable, mixing the rugged campfire feel with clear-eyed packaging design.

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While this project is still a work-in-progress with a full website and branding kit to come, the product & packaging designs were created with one goal: that these pieces be flexible & easily used for any piece of collateral, product, bottle, t-shirt, or memorabilia. No matter where you are, you can take Bull Moose with you on the long, winding path ahead.

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