Passport to a New Kind of Non-Profit

Blue Butterfly Farm was born out of the sheer goodwill to spread farming sensibilities to locals in Dripping Springs, as well as provide a way to give back to the community.

The Process

Brand Development

Wonderfully cohesive & uniquely collaborative. That's what our branding process has been praised for, which includes logo & collateral design, as well as copy.

Brand Dev

Discovery, site architecture

Our data-driven approach streamlines your site navigation, tailors your content and redoes link structures so audiences can find what they’re looking for.


Web design & wireframing

Anchored by authenticity, our designs are your brand’s foundation for moving forward with confidence.


Front-end development

In the development phase, we build structurally solid HTML and CSS code that ensures responsive, browser-compatible and SEO-friendly sites.

Frontend Dev

Content management & back-end development

We build sites on user-friendly platforms like ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS and Wordpress. We then train staff & hand you the keys to manage content as necessary.

Content Management

Quality assurance

Once all content is approved and all code is in order, we go live with a responsive website that hits home with all your audiences.

Quality Assurance

Family-owned Blue Butterfly Farm sits atop a rolling countryside in Dripping Springs. Because of that, we built a soft and inviting color palette to convey the sense of wonder one might experience while visiting.


For both web and print, we wanted the illustrations--whether in stamp, sticker or postcard form--to feel like they belonged amidst the binding of an old encyclopedia. Similarly, we chose nostalgic scripted fonts that reflected hand-printed labels and home-canned goods from the turn of the century.

Farm House
Brand Design

For the typeface system, we used a blend of Montserrat to further convey a homegrown, natural feel, complimented by Source Sans to punctuate the headlines. We also added in a warm vermillion as an accent for the cool hues.

For the iconography, we expanded on the uniquely handmade illustration feel for both flora and fauna to be used as emphasis pieces from web to print.

Farm Animals

For every

For the website, we accented the illustrated look with bold clean lines and playful colors. Spaces like the event section now stood out as interactive calls-to-action.

A day in
the life.

More than anything, we wanted to give the farm room to speak-for-itself. Since Instagram was already such a powerful tool for the farm, we pulled it out and gave it its own space to show off newly-harvested greens, the animals in their day-to-day, as well as students interacting with life on Blue Butterfly Farm.

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