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Back in 1992, Abracon was formed in Irving, California. At that time, they were an obscure tech company that specialized in passive components, such as antenna and oscillators. Today they are an industry leader and have acquired numerous other companies along the way. As they continue to grow exponentially, their branding, which was still stuck in 1992, needed a much needed facelift as well.

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If something felt familiar about the old logo, it was probably the typeface being used, which was the same as the one used in the popular show, “Stranger Things”. It works great for a retro, 80’s style TV thriller, but not so much as the corporate typeface of a global tech company. For the new logo, we updated to Prometo, which gives a strong, techy feeling without being too outer spacey. This is paired with Proxima Nova for all live copy, which gives off a confident and trustworthy air.

The Process

Brand Development

Wonderfully cohesive & uniquely collaborative. That's what our branding process has been praised for, which includes logo & collateral design, as well as copy.

Brand Dev
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A Common

A good visual brand goes far beyond just the logo. For Abracon’s brand refresh, we created a full brand guidelines document that covers everything from colors, to typefaces, to iconography, photography, web elements and much more. This is a powerful tool to use internally so that everybody at Abracon is on the same page.

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