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Ross Brandon

One of the things that has always seemed so obvious to me in the professional service industry is the importance of being responsive. It seems easy to practice the concept of showing up on time, returning calls or emails promptly, fulfilling promises, put simply...following through. Unfortunately, this is not standard practice. However, I strongly believe that this should be the easiest and most essential aspect of professional services. It doesn't take superior talent or skill to return a phone call, show up to work, or devote honest effort and positive energy towards the task at hand. And yet, I constantly see customers frustrated with the lack of attention they receive. 

I found it quite telling when I looked up the word "responsive" in a thesaurus and the usage example was the following:

"several consumers said the company hadn't been responsive to their needs"

Since entering the website development business 13 years ago, I have made it a goal to always provide the best service possible. I carried out this goal with every company I worked for and now, finally, to my own company, Masonry. Masonry is built on the premise that responding to the client's needs promptly, positively and professionally is the first and most important aspect of our services. If you need something, we will follow through, on time and on budget.

At Masonry, we have years of experience building beautiful websites and creating customized digital solutions tailored to our clients' specific needs. Your company is unique, and a website built by Masonry will reflect that. We do not believe in templates. We do not take shortcuts. Your website should be one of a kind, just like your business. We have an amazing process in place, and have successfully executed websites, digital campaigns, and other digital products of all shapes and sizes. What sets Masonry apart is our mission to incorporate talent with honest effort, professionalism, and responsiveness. In the creative business, this combination is tough to find, but Masonry's got it and we have happy clients to prove it.

Please feel free to email, call, or drop by our east side office. We'd love to help!

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