The Austin Meetup Scene


I am constantly amazed by the level or support, skill, and opportunities in Austin. I did not get out much in California (I know, crazy) but I love to network in Austin. For an awkward introvert, that’s a weird statement for me to say. But everyone I have encountered has been genuine, helpful, and encouraging. 

So without further ado, here are my favorite meetups in the Austin scene.

Open Coffee

One of my favorite meetups is no more than a block away in my favorite coffee shop, Houndstooth. Every first and third Thursday of the month, people of all backgrounds get together and enjoy a cup of coffee (or tea, like me) together, sharing ideas and stories. Visit them at

All of Capital Factory Events

They really have become the standard, not only for amazing co-working spaces, but for hosting some of the best meetups and events in town. They always have something awesome going on for developers, designers, business owners, VC’s… basically, everyone. Visit them at

Austin Tech Happy Hour

Techies meet after hour cocktails. It’s a great time to network, learn, and share tech ideas and innovations. Or, just drink with other tech nerds and not talk shop at all. Visit them at

Austin TechBreakfast

Austin TechBreakfast is a great place to learn and network. They have a “show and tell” format where you can see the latest technologies and ideas. They cover industries ranging from software to hardware, IT to Biotech, robotics to space tech. Plus, breakfast. Visit them at


TeXchange promotes the entrepreneurial environment in Texas and connects some of the best people together. Visit them at

Creatives Meet Business

Started by local Austinite, Ashland Viscosi, this group introduces creative types to well-established thought leaders in an effort to gain a better understanding of the more business side of things. Visit them at

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