Meet Masonry President and Digital Director: Ross Brandon

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Ross Brandon

A little over a year ago, Masonry President and Digital Director, Ross Brandon, struck out on his own and started up his brand new web design + branding agency, Masonry. In that very short period of time, the company has evolved into 4 full time employees and clients ranging from E-Commerce to B2B. Today, we get to pick his brain on his process, where he got his start, and what he loves about farm life.

Where did you go to school/what was your degree in?

University of Texas at Austin, BA English Minor Business.

What’s the coolest thing about owning a business?

The process of growing something from scratch is great. I love working with like-minded people who all have the same desire to create something that is special and that will provide for employees for years to come.

What is your favorite thing to do outside of work and why?

Being outside, hiking, camping and just being in nature with my wife and kids is about as good as it gets.

Favorite thing about living on a farm?

See above, just the opportunity to be in a beautiful place everyday and to be around lots of different kinds of animals. And lots of really good fresh veggies and fruit.

How many animals do you have on your farm / what kind are they?

  • 10 chickens
  • 2 peacocks
  • 3 ducks
  • 2 pigs
  • 2 dogs
  • 4 cats (2 are pregnant)
  • 6 koi
  • Lots of foxes and porcupines
  • 1 wife
  • 1 son
  • 1 daughter
Blue Butterfly Farm

Top 5 favorite bands?

Too many favorites to put in a list.

Favorite foods?


Biggest pet peeve?

Impatient drivers.

Favorite book series?

  • Best book ever - Count of Monte Christo
  • Best series ever LOTR

Best BBQ in Austin?

John Muellers.

Best places to grab happy hour in Austin?

Shoal Creek.


What can’t you help but spend money on?

Outdoor gadgets.

Best place to see live music?

Depends on the season, the band the type of music. Tons of great places in Austin.

Favorite 90’s jam?

Not much good music came out of the 90s in my opinion.

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