Masonry Co-Hosts Arboreal Art Exhibition for EAST 2021

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We Speak for the Trees: An EAST Exhibition Unlike Any Other

Full of music, mingling, mindfulness and a myriad of masterpieces, this year's East Austin Studio Tour was an event unlike any other at Masonry! Celebrating the arts and honoring the memory of our sweet sycamore - that was recently cut down by the power company - Masonry/TreeGarden's We Speak for the Trees was truly a one-of-a-kind art exhibition at the Austin Studio Tour.

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44 talented artists created amazing artworks out of one historic sycamore to showcase in this creative collaboration part of Big Medium's Austin Studio Tour. Dedicated to our beloved sycamore and all her forest friends, We Speak for the Trees featured original paintings, wood sculptures, a Save our Species Venture Trail, pop-up art market and new community mural that debuted Saturday, Nov. 13th at one of the hottest parties of the East Austin Studio Tour! Not only did this altruistic art show give our dear sycamore new life and purpose, it also helped raise awareness for all the rare and incredible wildlife that has recently become endangered in our region. Each hand-painted piece in this charitable collection is a celebration of life and all the delicate, nuanced beauty that can be found in nature.

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During Masonry and TreeGarden's co-hosted We Speak for the Trees party, a host of musicians, artists and creatives came together to give a voice to all the flora and fauna of our forests that can't speak for themselves. Yadin Kol, Soulshine Rhythm Experience, Aaron Stephens, Joe Mach & The Magick Rackets helped set the stage with stellar musical performances while hundreds of philanthropic party people came to peruse the art and pay homage to TreeGarden/Masonry's felled friend. Thanks to the efforts of these 44 awesome artists, along with generous donations by Dripping Springs Vodka, Vacancy Brewing, Texas Keeper Cider, Ranch Rider Spirits and the support of hundreds of art collectors and everyday arbor enthusiasts like you, Masonry/TreeGarden raised enough funds to help our non-profit partner Forests for Monarchs plant 8,040 trees in the Monarch Butterfly Biosphere Reserve!

Joe Mach

From everyone at Masonry and TreeGarden, we want to give a big thank you to all our fantastic friends who came out to speak for the trees at the East Austin Studio Tour. All the artwork from We Speak for the Trees will be on display inside Masonry and TreeGarden through December 13th, so be sure to stop by our office and see this exceptional group exhibit before it's gone!

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