Importance of Telling a Brand Story


Brands today are more than just a logo. Consumers are drawn to brands that tell them a story. 

Storytelling is something that most people first experience at a young age. Using their imagination and emotions, humans are able to create something they truly believe in when listening to or reading a story. When a brand represents something that a consumer can believe in - like family, friends, or social issues - a bond is created between the marketer, the brand and the consumer. 

In today’s tech-centered world, consumers are bombarded with brands from the moment they wake up until they close their eyes at night. This makes it especially hard for advertisers to make one brand to stick out from the rest. 

Creating a brand storyline gives a consumer incentive to follow along on the journey. When a consumer emotionally connects with a brand there is a higher chance they are going to want to continue to follow that brand and see more from them. 

Brand stories give a company more depth than just being another company trying to market something to a consumer. It provides the audience with a specific experience that connects to their lives or something that they become interested in. 

Storytelling Infographic 01

There are scientific studies proving that when a consumer becomes invested in a brand story they develop an emotional connection. When these connections are made chemicals in the brain like dopamine are released. This chemical release stimulates a good feeling which activates certain parts of the brain to store that information. 

The human brain is wired to remember stories, and when a brand positions itself through a storytelling perspective there is a greater chance it will develop brand loyalty and trust among consumers. 

When an advertising agency begins to develop a brand’s story it isn’t something that can be done fully by the agency. The client has to have something they stand for, making the story real and fully connected with that brand. It is an advertiser’s job to take what their client believes in and turn it into a storyline that can be told through social media, television, storefront displays, and every other medium their audience interacts with.

Here at Masonry, we aim to portray our client's brands as they would at their core. Each client is different, which challenges us to find what truly makes each brand unique and how (and where) to tell their stories.

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