What to Know About Google’s Universal Rollout of the New AdWords UI


I’m not really sure what’s in the water this year, but Google has been rolling out updates at an unflinching rate. According to Moz’ Google Change Tracker, “each year, Google changes its search algorithm around 500–600 times.” And it seems like 2017 is no exception.

In a recent blog post, we discussed major changes Google has made to Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), as well as their efforts to simplify ad rotation options for PPC marketers.

Now it seems they’re coming for all AdWords users, releasing their completely new user experience and feature set to advertisers last Wednesday.

Increased AdWords Page Speed & Design Revamp

Having already beta tested to a select group of users earlier this year, much of the goal behind this now-universal roll out has been to increase page load speed site wide -- by 20 percent, to be exact. A goal which it seems like they’ve achieved across the board.

Another element of this update was a complete UI design overhaul. This one was huge. The goals of this, according to Google, included decluttering the AdWords Overview page, and simplifying the navigation so you could do things like add multiple ad extensions in one step or view the most popular days of the week right off the bat.

Ad Words New Dashboard Overview 770X436
Auction Insights 1X

“Landing Pages” Page

Another piece of this update includes the “Landing Pages” page. A nifty callout on the left-hand sidebar where you can get insight into each landing pages’ performance, see which ones Google is prioritizing, and why.


To be more specific, Google says this includes the ability to see, “which URLs in your account are mobile-friendly, which ones drive the most sales, and which ones may require your attention.”

New Call Bid Adjustments

Giving advertisers the opportunity to use calls as a conversion point has been a game changer over the last several years. For many of our own clients-- especially the B2B-focused ones -- calls tend to come in at a higher conversion rate than landing page conversions themselves. So while the ability itself isn’t new, the adjustments option is. According to Google, this new option will, “allow you to control how often the call option appears with your search ads.” So for our clients where the call option has, in some cases, more than doubled the conversion rate, this would be a great new tool to use.

While this UI overhaul might seem like a long time coming, it involves a lot of new options for optimizing and monitoring AdWords campaigns that in previous years simply wasn’t an option to monitor, track and see. For more information on how to use the new AdWords experience, check out their video for a virtual tour.

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