Behind the Name


"I want something… crafted. Like, we make things with our hands, but they are digital things."

"I like that. Built. Solid. Reliable."

And thus, Masonry was created.

Branding a company can be one of the most challenging things. You have to sum up what a company does, who the company is, what it wants to be, and be mindful towards every major decision maker's feelings about it. Yet when it came to Masonry, we settled on it immediately. It is a bit obscure, fitting for a modern digital agency, and extremely personal to all parties involved. One Masonry member owns a farm, another had remodeled his entire house by himself. Even though we sit in front of a computer all day, we value making things with our hands.

We view ourselves as crafters, refining our design and development processes to be as streamlined as possible for unique digital products. No two websites we build are the same. Everything is custom and, as our slogan says, hand-crafted. We take pride in each design, not because we are able to install a Wordpress theme so adequately as many agencies do, but because we learn about your business and create a solution and look just for you.

Thus, we are digital masons, laying one brick at a time to give you the best foundation for your digital presence. It's this kind of care that keeps us excited about our jobs. I love coming into the office in the morning and I look forward to each challenge, hoping to exceed my client's expectations. Many say web design is one of the jobs with least satisfaction. Although that may be true for a lot of designers, I love creating at Masonry.

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