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Director of Marketing & Accounts

Dave Behr

DAVE BEHR brings a unique combination to the Masonry team. Always eager to strike up a conversation, he enjoys connecting with clients. He relishes the opportunities to fully dig in and understand a client's business goals and KPIs. With experience in multiple industries on the client side prior to joining Masonry, he knows what's needed from the agency to ensure a quality relationship.

He also brings a decade-plus of marketing experience to the team, with a focus on SEO and pay-per-click services. It's strange seeing someone get so excited about Analytics and Moz reports, but you get used to it. His data-driven mind found a home in digital marketing, where there's always a way to find a solution to a problem through testing and reporting.

When he's not working he's with his family - either at home in Austin, in the mountains of western North Carolina, or on a Florida beach. Sometimes it's hard to keep up. And if you send him a nice note after the University of Florida loses a football game, it might make him feel better. Maybe.

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